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Part of a different campaign

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Part of a different campaign Vide
PostSubject: Part of a different campaign   Part of a different campaign Icon_minitimeMon Nov 23, 2009 1:08 am

rod aycox , the founder of LoanMax has been in the news for different reasons. This well known banker is not only successful in his business, but has also set aside a portion of his income to help the needy people and even students. This helping attitude has resulted in more people availing the services of LoanMax. All the outreach programmes of the LoanMax group are well covered by the news media. Not only that, the beneficiaries of these outreach programmes are now loyal customers of LoanMax Inc. This has resulted in a windfall for the LoanMax group.

Consider the efforts taken by the Joplin Fire Department to assist the tiny tots from poor families that cannot afford to buy toys. This department used to gift toys through a fundraiser drive. This fundraiser drive is often known as ‘Toys for Tots’. Even though many of the prominent business houses used to lend a helping hand, Rod Aycox and his firm LoanMax always have a major share in this initiative. Very recently this one event is given much importance by LoanMax.

The Joplin Fire Department would not have been so successful if the LoanMax would not have been able lend a helping hand. Rod Aycox also helps Joplin Fire Department by creating a reception point and also a drop box for those intending to donate to this novel cause. Families that intend to receive the toys through the ‘Toys for Tots’ fund raising drive will have to sign up with the Joplin Fire Department. Mostly the toys are donated in a first come first served basis.

In addition to the fundraiser drive, to cap it all Rod Aycox has made it a rule to donate 10,000 dollars to the welfare of the community. This philanthropic effort is rather rare in many parts of the United States. Even if the fund raiser drive did not meet with the desired results, when Rod Aycox is part of this drive, the communities can certainly hope for something big. Very recently people are also encouraged to donate used toys and other gadgets.
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Part of a different campaign

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